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Bimetal Bush

Bi-metallic composite bearing is made of steel backed with low friction and excellent wear resistance bonze powder as bearing layer, the designed oil pockets, grooves and holes are suitable for lubricated application to improve the PV value. The bearing alloy layers include lead bronze, lead-free bronze and lead-free with solid lubricant for high performance

Material Structure:

Bimetal Bush.png

1. Steel back layer

2. Cooper alloy layer

Bearing Design

Depending upon application requirements, PVB03 Series bimetallic bearing can be produced in many shapes and sizes from inner diameters 6mm to more than 300mm.

PVB03 Series Bimetal Bearing.png

Standard sized parts for a wide range of bearing products with basic dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, length, etc.) according to international standards are available. Special bearings with additional functionality can be produced to customer specifications and requirements


Steel shell backed with a lead bronze lining bearing material for oil lubricated applications;
High load capacity and good fatigue properties. Compared with bronze bearing, cost-saving type;
Widely used in automotive applications such as compressors, steering gear, power steering, pedal bearings, king-pin bushes and etc.

Bimetal Bush
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