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PVB014 Shock Absorber used self lubricating Bushing

PVB014 Self lubricating bearing is a standard item of our company. This type of dry sliding bearing is special designed for reciprocating motion conditions. It's also called DU bushing,teflon bushing,oil free bushes,SF-1 oilless bearing,PTFE coated self-lubricating bearing,pilot bearing and plain dry bearing.

Material Structure

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1.PTFE with cooper 0.01~0.03mm

2.Porous bronze 0.2~0.3mm

3.Steel backing 0.7~2.3mm

4.Tin-plating 0.005mm or copper plating 0.008mm


· PVB014 teflon bushing is efficient even under sudden break off the oil lubricating, wear resistant, which can keep the lubricating oil clear after long period of working.

· This bushing can protect the mating surface from wearing.

· Particularly suitable for reciprocating movement.


· Standard cylindrical bushing, flanged bearing, thrust washers and strips are available.

· Special designs are produced at short notice

· Lead free type is also available


PVB014 self lubricating bushing is particularly apply for reciprocating movement products, such as shock absorber of automobiles & motorcycles, pneumatic cylinder and so on

Technical Data
Specific load capacity (static)≤ 250 [ N/mm2 ]
Specific load capacity (dynamic)≤ 140 N/mm2 at low speeds
Friction value0.04 to 0.2μ
Temperature-195 to +280 [ °C ]
Max. sliding speed12.5m/s
Max. Pv (dry)3.6N/mm2.m/s
Max. Pv (lubrication)50N/mm2.m/s

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