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PVB020S Boundary Lubricating Bearing

PVB020S boundary lubricating bearing is a type of DX bushing without lead. This type oilless bearing has same material structure with other DX bearing. It's also called POM coated bearing, SF-2 self-lubricating bearing,plain sliding bearing and dry bushes.

Material Structure

PVB020S Boundary Lubricating Bearing

1. POM with fillers

2. Porous bronze

3. Steel backing

4. Copper plating or tin plating


· Low friction, anticorrosion and long life

· Suitable for marginally lubricated and dry operating conditions

· Performance is similar to DS bushing in foreign country


· Standard cylindrical bushings, thrust washers and strips are available.

· Special designs can be made according to your design


PVB020S DX bushing is widely used in hoisters, bulldogger, tower cranes, and printing or dyeing machines for textiles, steering gear, power steering and so on

Technical Data
Load capacity70N/mm2
Friction value0.04 to 0.2
Temperature-40 to +130
Max. Pv (oil condition)25N/mm2 .m/s
Max. speed5m/s

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