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JDBS Spherical Plain Bearings

JDBS is a type of Special spherical plain bearings with maintenance-free oiles ball bearing.

Material Structure

Stainless steel, C45 Steel or GCr15 outer ring.

Oiles bearing inter ring(CuZn25Al5, CuAl10Ni,CuSn12).


maintenance-free,features quite long service life.

Conforms to ISO Standard E type bearings. High precision.

The inner surface of the inner ring is subject to sliding. The outer surface of the outer ring bear self-aligning.

Suitable for higher load than other self lubricating spherical bearings.

Applicable to large oscillating angles in circumferential oscillating motion.

Customized design can be made on your requirement.


Tower links, Cable hangersValve, barrage assets, ball valves, guide vane bearings, dampers and etc.

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